Trump Trolls Liz Warren After Dismal New Hampshire Performance

Other than Joe Biden who was whipped like a dog, there was no bigger loser in the New Hampshire primary than the fading Elizabeth Warren.

Despite being a sitting senator in a neighboring state, Warren only managed to pull a paltry 9.3 percent and was walloped by Amy Klobuchar and establishment golden boy Mayor Pete. 


Her campaign is now in a death spiral from which there is no recovery and perhaps in retrospect, she realizes that her collusion with CNN to smear Bernie Sanders as a misogynist was a major blunder. 

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Warren's woes were pounced on by President Trump who seems to take particular delight in needling the thin-skinned, truth-challenged fake Indian. 

In a brutal tweet, the leader of the free world trolled "Pocahontas" for her really bad night.

Via Fox News, "Trump mocks 'Pocahontas' Warren, 'Impeachment King' Steyer after poor showing in New Hampshire":

President Trump weighed in Tuesday night on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer, both of whom had underwhelming showings in the New Hampshire primaries.

As of late Tuesday evening, Warren had earned less than 10 percent of support, falling at a distant fourth place behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.

This is seen as a blow to the Warren campaign, as she not only failed to have a bigger turnout in her neighboring state, but she -- along with former Vice President Joe Biden -- also fail to earn any delegates out of New Hampshire; neither of them earned the required 15 percent of voters.

The president tweeted that Warren was "having a really bad night."

"Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is having a really bad night. I think she is sending signals that she wants out. Calling for unity is her way of getting there, going home, and having a 'nice cold beer' with her husband!" Trump said.

Trump's mockery of Warren and beer was a reference to her widely-panned Instagram video from last year where the Massachusetts senator attempted to appeal to voters that she's the type of person who they would enjoy drinking a nice frosty mug of suds with. 

The POTUS also roasted billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer who followed up his astronomical financial losses on Hillary's doomed 2016 campaign with a failed White House run of his own. 

According to Trump:

"Impeachment King Steyer (how did that work out?) spent 200 Million Dollars and got less than 1% of the vote in Iowa, and only 3% of the Vote in New Hampshire. Could it be that something is just plain missing? Not easy to do what I did, is it?"

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Long-shot candidate Andrew Yang also ended his campaign, stripping the 2020 field of its last vestiges of diversity in a triumph of the white privilege that the phonies have often railed against. 

As expected, Bernie Sanders won the Granite State creating a serious problem for the high-rollers who control the Democratic party and who would be hoisted upon the pitchforks of the great socialist revolution. 

Warren is now running on pure spite although its hard to see how even that is going to keep her in the race for much longer.