Trump: Warren's Not Dumb But She's Just 'So Damn Mean'

America will be deprived of the great spectacle of a debate between President Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren now that the race for the nomination is a two man show. 

Trump truly delights in pushing the buttons of the thin-skinned Democrat who he fondly refers to as "Pocahontas" for her fake Indian heritage and he did so again during a rally in South Carolina. 


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While speaking to an adoring crowd in North Charleston, the leader of the free world polled the audience on which Democrat that they would prefer to see him destroy later this year.

According to the POTUS:

“I hear Mini Mike, by the way, has left, he’s basically given up.  

That’s what I hear. He gave up! He gave up! Now, I hope what I just said keeps him in. You know, he’s the kind of guy, he’ll stay in because ‘I don’t want to be wrong.’  

Mike, it is time to go home. Go home, Mike and enjoy your life. Go home and spend some money on something.  

So, let’s just go? Do you agree?

Pocahontas, we can forget about her right?

Pocahontas. I came out with that name far to early… You know, she’s not dumb but she's just so damn mean.  

She’s a mean one. She is mean. So, Pocahontas, should we leave her in or out?

Trump was probably referring to Warren's hatchet job on billionaire Mike Bloomberg during the last two debates - vicious take downs that can only be described as just plain mean. 

Saturday's terrible performance in South Carolina's primary was another example of how the more of Warren that voters see, the more likely that they are to agree with Trump's assessment of her. 

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She is thoroughly unlikable and is fueled by pure spite along with millions of dollars from a mysterious Super PAC.

With Pocahontas now having strung together four consecutive stinkers in the four states that have voted to this point, it could be that Super Tuesday will be her last stand. 

This is especially the case if she loses in her home state of Massachusetts which polls show is likely to happen. 

Comrade Bernie planted his flag in Boston on Saturday, drawing a massive crowd right in the heart of Warren's turf which doesn't bode well for her campaign. 

When Senator Warren eventually does depart the race, it will be a real loss in terms of pure entertainment value because a debate with President Trump would have been one for the ages. 

She definitely is meaner than a snake.