Trump: “We Are Creating The Greatest Red Wave In History"

With the clock rapidly ticking down to the most important election in American history, President Trump returned to the critical battleground state of Florida on Thursday. 

Thousands of patriotic supporters braved the sweltering heat to see Trump deliver his closing arguments for reelection that he delivered to the crowd in Tampa. 


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With the area in the midst of an unrelenting October heatwave, the leader of the free world spoke of another wave, the "greatest red wave in history" that could wash the Democrats and their army of socialist miscreants out to sea. 

Trump delivered the goods outside of Raymond James Stadium, the home of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by drawing a contrast between himself and his opponent Joe Biden who if he "wins" will quickly order another round of crushing lockdowns along with a forced mask mandate. 

There is also the Biden corruption issue, Hunter Biden's smoking laptop, and the Dems' refusal to condemn the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa criminals who have been conducting a campaign of violence that borders on domestic terrorism. 

All the ingredients for that great red wave are here and if it's big enough, it could swamp the post-election vote fraud operation that Biden himself has admitted exists.  

Via The Tampa Bay Times, "Trump makes late appeal to Tampa supporters at Raymond James rally":

Hillsborough County became the center of the political universe on Thursday, with President Donald Trump parachuting in for a late pitch to recruit as many much-needed Florida votes as possible.

“We are creating the greatest red wave in history," Trump said, taking the stage just after 2 p.m. under a blistering sun following a brief speech by First Lady Melania Trump.

Trump’s message was similar to the one he’s been delivering in Florida for weeks: That the election is a choice between an economic recovery that he will lead, or a depression his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, will usher in. Trump touted Thursday’s news that the economy in the third quarter grew at a record annual rate of 33.1 percent, though it’s only a 7.4 percent rise without annualized numbers that generate misleading results in a year like 2020. The nation’s economic output still lags pre-pandemic levels.

Underpinning Trump’s economic contrast with Biden is how the candidates have addressed the resurgent coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 225,000 Americans. Biden has hammered Trump for his handling of the outbreak, while Trump declared that the country has seen the worst of it.

“My plan will ensure we have a safe vaccine, you’re going to have it in a few weeks," Trump told the crowd, declaring that seniors would have it first, then the rest of the population. "It’s rounding the turn. It’s rounding the turn.”

Biden’s plan, Trump said, “is to deliver punishing lockdowns." Biden has said he will not lock down the country.

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Lunchbucket Joe also held a rally in Tampa later in the day but compared to Trump's, it was a pathetic, low-energy event featuring the former vice president's divisive raving to a socially distanced audience sitting in their cars. 

In a perfect accompaniment for Biden's gloomy doomsaying, the skies opened up and poured down rain on his woeful event, forcing it to be cut short much to the dismay of the true believers.

Perhaps it was an omen of things to come. 

Despite the media's constant blather about polls being overwhelmingly against Trump, there is a marked enthusiasm gap that is impossible to ignore. 

Check out President Trump's entire Tampa, Florida speech HERE

Americans who have already suffered immensely under the iron fist of authoritarian Democrat governors will finally have a chance to be heard on Tuesday.