Trump: What Does Obama Know About Joe Biden That Is Preventing Endorsement?

Why won't former President Barack Obama endorse Joe Biden, who served as his vice president for eight years? 

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That's what President Donald Trump questioned on Wednesday during a White House coronavirus press briefing after Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary.

“I don’t know why President Obama hasn’t supported Joe Biden a long time ago,” Trump said. “There’s something. He feels is wrong.”

Trump said he was amazed that Obama was still waiting to endorse Biden, suggesting that the former president knew something about Biden’s suitability to be president.

“He knows something that you don’t know,” Trump said. “But I think I know, but you don’t know.”

The president acknowledged that Obama would likely endorse Biden at some point.

“He’ll come out. I’m sure he’s got to come out at some point, because he certainly doesn’t want to see me for four more years.We think a little bit differently,” he said.

Trump also questioned why Sen. Bernie Sanders said he would keep his delegates at the Democrat convention and even work to get more delegates to give him more leverage at the convention.

“What about his delegates?” Trump asked. “He said he’s going to keep his delegates and he would like to get more … is he dropping out or not?”

He added, “That’s a weird deal going on.”


In an excerpt from his a new book, which was obtained by the Daily Mail, Washington Post editor Steven Levingston reveals that Obama has not endorsed Biden for president because he did not represent the appropriate level of change that he hoped his presidential legacy would represent.

The book, titled, "Barack and Joe: The Making of an Extraordinary Partnership," claims that Obama endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instead of Biden in 2016 because he was “just another white guy.”

“Joe, despite his many virtues, was just another white guy, one in a long line of American presidents — hardly the symbol of the Teutonic change that Obama hoped would mark his place in the history books,” wrote Levingston.

“Barack had placed his bet on Hillary, the one he believed would confirm his revolutionary stamp on American’s political culture – the first black president passing the baton to the first woman president,” he wrote.

The book notes that Obama did not endorse Biden for president in 2020 either, marking a blow to his former vice president who routinely cites Obama’s legacy on the campaign trail.

Below are a few notable admissions in the book:

The 'bromance' between Barack Obama and Joe Biden dissipated in the post-White House years, according to an upcoming book about the pair

It was a political embarrassment for Biden when Obama failed to endorse him in the 2020 presidential race and stated in that there was a need for 'new blood'

Obama had placed his bet on Hillary to win the Democratic primary in 2016 and therefore didn't back Biden that year

Despite the lack of endorsement, the men continued to have a deep affection for one another, but 'that's different than giving his brand to him,' the book states

In the early 2000s, Obama rolled his eyes and sent a note to his adviser Robert Gibbs: 'Shoot. Me. Now' while listening to Biden's babbling, the book claims

The details of their relationship are revealed in Barack and Joe: The Making of an Extraordinary Partnership out October 8

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Trump does have an interesting point. Why won't Obama endorse Biden? 

What's really the reason?