Tucker Hilariously Mocks Jim Acosta After Nobody Shows Up At Book Signing

CNN reporter Jim Acosta recently released a new book named “The Enemy of the People” which features many claims and quotes about President Trump.

The initial launch of the book did not do as well as expected and Fox News Host Tucker Carlson is making sure to hammer Acosta for it.

Carlson started the segment by playing a clip of Acosta and CNN host Don Lemon “complimenting one another for a job well done.”



“No one has ever accused Jim Acosta of being a genius,” Tucker added. “Even by our estimates, it’s pretty shocking that he is so proud of himself.”

This comment by Carlson comes just after Fox News host Sean Hannity got into a Twitter fight with Acosta. Dan Bongino joined Carlson to talk about the fallout.

“Jim Acosta writes a book about — wait for it — Jim Acosta!” Bongino started. “We are living in peak Acosta right now. This is peak Jim Acosta. This book, it’s not about The New York Times’ failure to cover the Soviet Union in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The book is literally about Jim Acosta and his experiences with Donald Trump. Tucker, I hear you make an appearance in there. He’s upset you didn’t go to summer slam with him on a bus when you saw him. I guess he wanted some physical confrontation, which is just, again, totally peak Acosta.”

“I don’t yell at people I disagree with personally, because I’m not a liberal,” Tucker said.

“Me either,” Bongino laughed. “It’s not personal buddy, get over it, right?”



Acosta’s book features many quotes by anonymous sources.

“They are often blunt in their assessment of their boss,” The Guardian reports. “A ‘senior White House official’ tells Acosta: ‘The president’s insane.’ A ‘former White House national security official’ says staffers were not sure the president had not been ‘compromised’ by Russia.”

Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Acosta goes on to allege in his book that President Trump decided to attack the mainstream media due to the spate of anonymous sources at CNN, NBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times attacking his administration. He claims that since Republicans controlled Congress, the president needed an enemy to attack. Three unnamed sources Acosta quotes cited former White House aide Steve Bannon as the architect for the attack.

Of his own tumultuous relationship with President Trump, Jim Acosta admits that he sometimes reduces himself to “grandstanding” and “showboating,” claiming he “opts for the bait” when questioning Trump. In response to those who would accuse him of having a bias against President Trump, Acosta bluntly says, “Neutrality for the sake of neutrality doesn’t really serve us in the age of Trump.”

The White House correspondent has even been criticized by some of his own colleagues in the press pool for his often rude behavior at press conferences, which often involves filibustering the mic and attacking President Trump with ideological talking points. In November of last year, shortly after Acosta had his press pass taken away for another one of his grandstanding episodes, Republican strategist Arthur Schwartz said that some CNN reporters were quite infuriated with Acosta’s behavior.

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