Tucker Rips Biden Plan: “5 Percent Infrastructure, 95 Percent Social Engineering”

Joe Biden rolled out his big “infrastructure” plan to much media fanfare this week. Unfortunately, there was no attention paid to the fact that the $2 trillion boondoggle was missing one major thing: actual infrastructure.

Biden’s “American Jobs Plan,” is a budget-busting early Christmas present to the radical elements of the Democrat base who have been clamoring for the Green New Deal. Unsurprisingly, it falls far short of any significant investments in actual infrastructure, allocating only $115 billion to highways, bridges, and roads. That’s only a mere 5 percent of the price of the package.

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There is also $174 billion for electric vehicles, $213 for “affordable and sustainable” housing, and $100 billion for national broadband (which is probably shorthand for ‘internet controlled by the government’). If those aren’t bad enough it also includes billions to rename highways that have been deemed to be “racist” by Biden’s handlers.

The obscene breakdown of how the money will be spent is detailed in a chart that was obtained by the Washington Post.

While the corrupt media may once again be giving the nation’s 46th president a free ride, Tucker Carlson isn’t. On the Thursday edition of his Fox News show he delivered the brutal truth:

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Only about 5% of that $2 trillion will actually go to roads and bridges. So, 5% on infrastructure, 95% on social engineering. That’s what Joe Biden calls a once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure bill. He’s right about part of it: It is once in a lifetime. If this passes, the next generation will life in a very different country“, said Carlson.

Tucker didn’t waste any time pointing out who is going to foot the bill for the social engineering schemes; “Before we tell you what’s in the bill, a word about who will pay for it. In fact, we only need one word: You. Taxes are going up dramatically. They didn’t have to, actually. Tax revenues no longer fund the ambition of our political class. The Federal Reserve does. When politicians want something, they just print the money. It’s called Modern Monetary Theory. They’ve been doing this for years, and it’s accelerating. There’s no actual reason to raise taxes anymore, for anything. But Joe Biden wants to, just to punish you. And he plans to do that,” he said.

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He continued; “The administration is calling for a tax increase of about $3 trillion over ten years. That includes taxes on individual income and investments, as well as corporations. That would make this the first major tax hike in 28 years. But it’s actually a much bigger tax increase than anything we saw under the Clinton administration. In 1993, taxes amounted to only around 0.5% of GDP. This plan would come to roughly three times that – about $300 billion a year, or 1.36% of GDP. You’d have to go back to 1968 to find a bigger tax increase. It’s a big deal.”

Tucker then pointed out that Biden didn’t take questions, not that the press would ask them anyway; “Have any questions? No questions allowed. Joe Biden doesn’t want to answer questions. This is an emergency. And in emergencies, you do what you’re told,” he concluded.

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