Tucker Says America Isn't In A 'Race War,' But Something Even Worse

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is delivering a powerful warning to the country that something is happening right now that could change the course of our own history.

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During a segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he slammed the idea that the country is in the middle of a "race war" and instead argued that we are having "class divisions."

Carlson said the middle class has been shrinking and that people are trying to make everything about race to hide the fact that leaders have failed to help Americans economically.

Below is a partial transcript of Carlson's comments, via Breitbart:

America’s core problems are, in fact economic. Could your kids earn enough to form stable families have their own and live in dignity? Everything flows from that. And that’s what most Americans of all colors worry about most. So, of course, it is the one thing our leaders hate to talk about. That is not accidental. Again, it is by design. What you are watching is class war disguised as a race war. The population at one another’s throats — angry, suspicious, tribal, and maybe they’ll never figure out how much we’re stealing.

The biggest change to American society over the past 50 years has been the death of the middle class. This used to be a middle-class country. It is not anymore. Most of the population has become poorer in real terms, while a shrinking number of people controlling every expanding percentage of the wealth. That means that fewer Americans overall have a meaningful stake in society, and more are dependent. That makes the country much more volatile than it once was.

These riots really shouldn’t surprise you. It is hard to know exactly who is responsible for these sad changes to America, but it is easy to see who is benefiting from them. They are the same people lecturing you about white privilege and systemic racism. This isn’t accidental. CitiBank is happy to put black lives matter logos on their Instagram page precisely so you won’t ask what interest rates they are charging black people.

If you really cared about the poor, you wouldn’t crush them with debt they can’t afford to. Of course, if you really cared about black lives, you wouldn’t probably put abortion clinics in black neighborhoods, but they do. These people are scam artists. They are playing you.

Keep that mind the next time they told you, you may hate your neighbor, which is exactly what they are telling you.


Carlson's comments are in response to Democrats trying to exploit the coronavirus and use the death of George Floyd for political purposes.

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