U.S. Has Imported MIND BLOWING Number of Minors from Central America Under Joe Biden

The border crisis continues to worsen under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

And a new report reveals that it is likely only going to get worse over time.

According to Breitbart, the U.S. allowed over 4,000 minors to enter the country legally under the Central American Minors (CAM) program before the Biden administration expanded it this week.

Donald Trump ended the program in August 2017.

But Biden restarted the program, created by Barack Obama and his administration when Biden was the vice president.

The Wall Street Journal’s Michelle Hackman reported:

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The expansion, part of the administration’s effort to find more pathways for Central Americans to migrate legally, could make tens of thousands of children newly eligible to participate in the program, said State Department deputy spokeswoman Jalina Porter. That would allow them to board flights to the U.S. with government permission.

The Central American Minors program, started by the Obama administration in 2014, applies to people under the age of 21 coming from the so-called Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which over the past decade have sent a majority of asylum-seeking migrants to the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Obama administration created the program in response to the first wave of unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally, to offer them a safer alternative to reach the U.S.

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“Got new Central American Minors program numbers: Since the program’s inception [in 2014], more than 2,600 applicants have been resettled to the U.S. as refugees, and more than 2,200 have been admitted under parole [for a total of 4,800], per State Dept.,” she tweeted, without adding those figures to her article.

“The Central American Minors program is a continuation of President Biden’s open borders policies to allow anyone in the world to come to the United States regardless of the effects on mass illegal immigration,” said Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

Last week, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tore into Kamala Harris this week for her continued “failure” and refusal to visit the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an interview on Fox News, McDaniel was asked about the Biden administration’s response to the crisis.

She said Harris has sent a clear message to the American people: she doesn’t care.

“Look, the border is in crisis and I think every American looks at what’s happening with 200 percent increase in people coming through, 14,000 children unaccompanied last month, Harris,” McDaniel said.

“I can’t even imagine the atrocities they are facing along with the sweltering heat and coming unaccompanied and 800 percent increase the fentanyl coming across the Texas border. We know we have an overdose problem in this country and our border is porous,” she said.

“Kamala Harris is sending a clear message. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t care. She’s not calling Governor Abbott. She knows she is in charge and this is an issue she just decided to turn a blind eye to and people are suffering as a result,” she said.


Last month, Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott released a statement to his website slamming Kamala Harris for only “flying over the border at 35,000 feet” while she met with other world leaders instead of addressing the Biden border crisis.

“Harris has still refused to visit the U.S. southern border to see the crisis caused by Biden’s open borders and amnesty policies firsthand,” he continued.

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“Flying over the border at 35,000 feet doesn’t count as a visit. Now, 123 days since taking office, it’s shocking to see the lengths to which President Biden and Vice President Harris will go to avoid seeing the border crisis for themselves,” he said.

He continued: “Apprehensions at the border rose above 178,000 in April alone, nearly 6,000 a day. This is about the safety of American families. We must secure the border now.”

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