Uh-Oh: This NYT Columnist Lays Out Five Reasons Why Dems, Biden Should Worry About Election

The closer we get to the Nov. 3 election, the more we are discovering that the campaign of, and support for, Democratic nominee Joe Biden is a mile wide and about an inch deep.

One by one, the polls are beginning to show a ‘tighter race.’ In an increasing number of surveys, President Trump’s approval ratings are suddenly rising. And the liberal pundits are starting to realize that all the ‘warning signs’ are pointing to another Trump victory, so they’re sounding alarm bells.


Writing in The New York Times, political columnist Thomas B. Edsall lists five things that the Biden campaign (and, presumably, Democrats in general) should start worrying about less than six weeks out from the general election.

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"First, there are indications that Trump’s base of support — whites without college degrees — is more energized and committed to voting this year than key Democratic constituencies. And there is also evidence that polling does not reflect this," Edsall writes.

Secondly, Hispanics who comprise a vital voting bloc in a number of battleground states like Arizona and Florida are showing less support for Biden than they have for previous nominees. "Many Hispanic voters seem resistant to any campaign that defines them broadly as 'people of color,'" Edsall says.

"Third, absentee voting is expected to be higher among Democrats than Republicans, subjecting their ballots to a greater risk of rejection, a fate more common to mailed-in votes than to in-person voting," he noted (though Team Biden has retained an army of lawyers to contest, contest, contest -- remember, Hillary Clinton advised him to never "concede," though when Trump suggested he wouldn't concede right away in 2016 if he suspected foul play, she nearly soiled her pantsuit).

Fourth, generic polling asking voters if they support a Democrat or a Republican showed Democrat leanings up by 10 points in July but that has now slipped to 6 points (we think it's more but...).

"Fifth, the debates will test Biden’s ability to withstand three 90-minute battles against an opponent known for brutal personal attacks," Edsall writes (yes, Trump is 'known for brutal attacks,' which isn't the same as left-wing hacks calling him "Hitler").

There are other factors too, Edsall writes -- though in this, he ventures way off the deep end into tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories: 

There are other factors — such as the possibility that the Republican Party will conduct an effective voter suppression drive, or that Trump and his advisers will contrive new mechanisms to pave the way to victory.

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Democrat operatives and the Biden camp are the ones who are literally trying to find ways to steal as many elections as possible, primarily via mail-in vote fraud (which the Trump team is equally prepared to challenge). And the last time we checked, "voter suppression drives" are expressly forbidden by federal law.

Still, since political columnists in the Times are generally left-wing propagandists, it’s telling that Edsall is sounding an alarm here, the translation of which is, ‘It’s starting to look like 2016 all over again.’