Umm…What? Whitmer Claims Stopping Abortion Will “Exacerbate Inflation”

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The left has been full of bad takes recently, particularly on the issue of abortion, thrust back into the limelight by the Dobbs decision, and inflation, which is on the mind of every American thanks to the current Bidenflation disaster raising prices precipitously on everything from used cars to basic groceries.

So far, however, the issues have remained mostly separate and the insanity in one area hasn’t translated into double the foolishness in the other area.

Until now, that is, as Governor Gretchen Whitmer the Incompetent just tore down that wall and said that getting rid of abortion is going to make the inflation crisis worse.

That began when Whitmer, obviously trying to shore up Democrat prospects by reminding voters that Democrats are “on the side of women” (women that want to kill babies in the womb, that is), said:

The most important economic decision a woman makes in her lifetime is when and whether to have a child, and this court decision threatens to rip that away from every woman in the country. And it’s going to be up to governors, and that’s why this fight’s so important.”

Responding, her interviewer, CNN Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny, asked:

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Using that as a cue, Whitmer jumped right in and indicated that the Dobbs decision would make abortion worse, saying:

Inflation’s taken a toll, the cost of gas, the cost of groceries. It’s tough. But I also know that, you take away someone’s ability to make their healthcare decision. That only compounds the pain that families are going to feel.

The thing is, Whitmer could have made that point in a somewhat correct way, as over the long term a decrease in population is deflationary while an increase in population in inflationary, so getting rid of abortion could, if it significantly changes the fertility rate and leads to a population boom, lead to inflationary pressures over the long term.

Similarly, she could have said that if too many babies above the average are suddenly born, that would lead to inflation as more people need to buy baby and childcare supplies in greater numbers and companies aren’t prepared for that.

But that’s not what she said. Instead, Whitmer was indicating that women having kids instead of killing them in the womb would “compound the pain” because families would have to pay to feed a baby, clothe a child, or otherwise raise a kid well rather than just killing it, a truly reprehensible point of perspective.

It would be shocking, except that it came from Governor Whitmer, who recently went berserk about the Michigan GOP’s attempt to criminalize abortion, saying:

“This is a moment where we’re seeing how extreme the Michigan GOP has gotten. This radical agenda to deprive women of making their own most important economic decision that they’ll make in their lifetime – when and whether or not to have a child.”

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