The following statement comes directly from the lips of Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines: “I would encourage any pilot that’s decided they all of a sudden, or any employee, that all of a sudden decided I’m really religious and I’m going to say I’m gonna get – you’re putting your job on the line.”

In other words, if you aren’t adhering to what liberals in Congress have to say about being vaccinated then you will be fired.

This is the mindset of the adult liberal, folks. Never forget: they are bad people.

From Gilmer Mirror:

There’s a new Grinch this holiday season! United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby. Mr. Kirby is picking a nasty fight with his airline’s employees over their right to reasonable accommodations in lieu of forced vaccinations due to religious and/or medical objections. The policy grounds more than 300 experienced pilots and fired or punished nearly 2,000 other United employees just before the holidays.