Vanderbilt Prof Says Trump’s Claims of Vote Fraud in Big Cities is Because They Have High Black Populations

After four years of the left falsely accusing President Donald Trump of being a racist and a bigot, to say we’re sick and tired of hearing this lie is an understatement.

But leftists don’t care much with the president’s supporters think when it comes to the subject, so they continue to make the bogus accusation in any venue, and for any reason, they can invent.

By now, most Americans are aware that the president and his campaign believe massive vote fraud and outright election theft occurred on and after Election Day, which was Nov. 3. Huge leads Trump held going into the wee hours of Election Night and into Nov. 4 suddenly and mysteriously vanished, allowing Democratic rival Joe Biden to surge again in key battleground states after vote tallies miraculously changed to his advantage.

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As the days wore on, it became clear to Trump campaign officials that much of the alleged vote fraud took place in metro areas long known to be Democrat strongholds like Philadelphia and Detroit. That makes perfect sense: Democrats would not have been able to set up vote fraud centers in red districts.

Plus, in these strongholds Democrats were able to shut out GOP poll watchers and hide their vote tallying, often under threats of force.

Well, one Vanderbilt University professor, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who is black, says President Trump’s accusations of vote fraud in those large metro areas is racist because those cities contain dominant or large black populations.

The Daily Caller has more:

Vanderbilt University Professor Michael Eric Dyson said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s election fraud claims are racist dog-whistles.

Dyson joined a panel discussion on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to discuss Trump’s ongoing legal challenges and comments in the weeks following the 2020 presidential election, and he argued that the president’s focus on large cities was due to the larger minority populations there.

Anchor Chuck Todd framed the question by saying that Trump was employing “dog-whistles” when he leveled fraud accusations against larger cities, and Dyson was quick to expand on that thought.

“A sitting president of the United States of America attacking with such vitriol and viciousness the very process of democracy that landed him the job to begin with,” Dyson began. “While he undercuts the prospects of American democracy, he’s undercutting his own legitimacy, the very thing which he’s been obsessed over these years.”

The prof then addressed Todd’s fake notion of the Trump race “dog whistle,” saying that in some cases it’s louder than in others. 

“He’s attacking Detroit: 79 percent black. He’s attacking Atlanta: 52 percent black, he’s attacking Philadelphia: 42 percent black, he’s attacking Milwaukee: 39 percent black,” Dyson said, indicating he had already researched his response simply by rattling off demographic percentages.

“We get what he’s doing here. He’s trying to have his cake and eat it, too, so to speak,” Dyson claimed, noting that the had actually seen an increase in black voters in 2020 and adding, “At the same time, he wants to be able to whistle to white supremacists and white nationalists he’s still their guy.”

That has to be one of the dumbest — and racist — statements regarding the president’s very understandable claims of vote fraud and election theft heard thus far.

But Dyson wasn’t finished.

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“This is destructive to the process of American democracy and one of the most powerful repudiations of enlightenment. Here’s a guy who is anti-science, he’s anti-race, he’s anti-everything that makes this country it seems the very great thing he wants to make it,” he said, to absolutely no pushback from that weakling Todd or anyone else on his panel.

It’s disgusting what people who really do have a race problem are allowed to get away with saying about Trump, our real president, in the face of so much contradicting evidence.

Only a left-wing race hustler like Dyson can reconcile the fact that Trump attracted far more minorities to vote for him this year but he’s still a racist.