(VIDEO) Biden’s Policies Force Border Patrol to Open Gates and Allow Migrants to Swarm into US

Disgraceful video footage has emerged of border force agents opening a gate to allow numerous illegal migrants who had just illegally crossed into the US to pass through into private land.

The agents who are under orders from the Biden administration opened a chain-link gate to allow the migrants through just minutes after Texas National Guard officers had shut and locked it.

The agents stand and chat amongst themselves as men, women, and children who had been waiting on the other side of the fence file past them.

The video was posted on Twitter by Fox news journalist, Bill Melugin:

“For the first time, we witnessed the TX National Guard close and lock a gate on private property at a major crossing area in Eagle Pass, denying entry to migrants who just crossed illegally and expected to be let in,” he wrote on his page.

“Border patrol then came with a key and let them in for processing.”

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The footage was captured by the Fox news team using a drone.

Under both federal and UN international law, the migrants must be processed once they reach the country in which they intend to claim asylum.

“Border Patrol opening gates etc to allow migrants in is not new,” continued Melguin.

“They have to process migrants on U.S. soil per federal law. What’s new is TX is now closing the gate & denying entry at this major crossing location. Always open in months past, including this video I shot in May.”

Texas gov. Greg Abbott deployed around 10,000 Texas National Guard troops to patrol the border in 2021 as part of Operation Lone Star.

On Wednesday, Abbott expressed his dismay that the Guard is constantly being undermined:

“Unbelievable,” he Tweeted.

“While Texas secures the border, the federal government is enabling illegal immigration.

“Biden’s open border policies caused this crisis. The federal government must do its job & fix it.

While it’s possible to change federal law, it is not possible for the US to break international UN law without leaving the bloc – which would probably not be a wise move in the long run.

Under UN law, those who claim asylum in a member state must have their claim processed and are also entitled to appeal if their claim is denied. In this sense, Biden’s hands are tied, but there are viable solutions.

The most obvious is, of course, a hard border. Although Biden said he would stop the construction of Trump’s wall, he has since waned and quietly agreed to continue to construct some sections of it.

As the UN insists that asylum claims must be processed, the US could possibly arrange a deal with Mexico to build a mass detention center on their side of the border.

Not only would this solve the issue of thousands of migrants having to be released into American society, but it would also act as a deterrent for economic migration and would make it legally easier to deport individuals once their claim is rejected.

Granted, this would cost money, but the alternative of continuing as we are is not a viable option.

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