(VIDEO) Is Putin Dying? Some Think So As Extreme Measures Are Taken, Such as Collecting His Excrement

Rumors are circulating about the health of Vladimir Putin, with some Russian officials claiming that the Kremlin is suffering from a critical disorder and that bodyguards collect his excrement in bags when he’s abroad to hide the medication he’s taking.

Over the past months, numerous videos have emerged of Putin behaving strangely. In one clip filmed in June, the puffy-faced Russian dictator can be seen tightly gripping the edge of a table during a meeting with usNano State Corporation’s CEO Sergey Kulikov.

In another clip from an awards ceremony that month, Putin seems unable to control his leg from shaking and his arms sway loosely by his sides, prompting many to question whether the 69-year-old could be suffering from Parkinson’s disease, which often causes restless leg syndrome ‘arm-swing’ changes.

In September, the war-monger’s jelly-legs were on show again as he addressed a selection of high-achieving schoolchildren in Russia. Putin slumped in his chair, his legs twitched un-controllably and he baffled Russians by talking about a “rubber bum”:

“Working hard is a talent in itself. It’s not just, excuse me, a rubber bum,” the Kremlin told the students in barely more than a whisper.

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Some even speculate that the dictator, who again threatened the West with nuclear weapons today, may by dying and is attempting to quickly fulfil his agenda and secure his legacy, while others say he may be losing touch with reality due to an illness or medication.

According to a report by French investigative journalists for Paris Match, an elaborate, top-secret cover-up is taking place behind the scenes to hide the Russian president’s ailing health from the world.

The reports claims that the Russian Federal Protection Service (FPS) is tasked with collecting the Kremlin’s excrement while he attends meetings abroad so that foreign states are unable to test it for medication or possible diseases.

Reporters Regis Gente, an author of two books on Russia, and Mikhail Rubin who has covered stories relating to Russia for over a decade claim that Russian officials bagged Putin’s poo as he visited France on 29 May 2017, and during his October 2019 trip to Saudi Arabia.

BBC journalist, Farida Rustamova said she was aware of the same bizarre ritual taking place in Vienna, where Putin used a “special private bathroom” and a “porta-potty”.

One anonymous Federal Security Service officer claimed the president “has no more than two or three years to stay alive” because he has a “severe form of rapidly progressing cancer”.

Just before the Russian rocket-man issued another doomsday nuclear threat in a national broadcast yesterday, Putin reportedly suffered coughing fits and severe chest pains, forcing him to delay the address by 13 hours until he had sufficiently re-composed himself.

While a spokesman accused US, British and Ukrainian “information specialists” of “throwing out various fakes about the state of the President’s health in recent months“, adding that “everything is fine with his health”, if the Russian warmonger who has his finger on the nuclear button really is on the way out, there is no telling who he might decide to take with him for good measure.

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