Kellyanne Conway Shuts Down NBC Host And Her Fake News Talking Points


CONWAY: “As you know, many of those documents are privileged. I want your viewers to recognize the facts there. Many of these documents are privileged. So, they will not be turned over willy-nilly. The other thing is, I have to slightly disagree with the characterization that director Mueller directed Congress to take it up.”

WELKER: “He cites Congress in his report, though, Kellyanne.”

CONWAY: “I read the report. He cites many things in his report, including that there was no collusion, despite the fact that your network said it many times every single day for many years respectfully. One thing in the report that is important to note is the job of the special counsel is to refer an indictment or decline a referral on indictment. That is it. Words like exoneration is really not appropriate responsibility. When you said that the Congress has an oversight responsibility, oversight is different from overreach. And you’re yet to point out to me, as is anyone else, what would be new in these investigations. What would be new in this testimony other than what we’ve already seen in the actual Mueller report. People were worried for very many months. You’re going to fire Mueller and we need to protect Mueller and the president is interfering. Actually, the Attorney general and the deputy Attorney general made clear in their memo that no one at the Justice Department felt like we had interfere with the investigation at all. They had the latitude, the money and everything they needed.”

WELKER: “Just to be clear, no one here ever came to any determination about what may or may not have been in the Mueller report.”

CONWAY: “I think some have, yes.”

WELKER: “But let me just stay on topic here and just be very clear because you talked about those privileged documents. Can we take that as confirmation that the White House will be in communication with DOJ about what documents are turned over and whether they may be subject to executive privilege as it relates to that deal that was struck between Nadler and DOJ?”

CONWAY: “No, I will not confirm that. But I would remind you that the president has said many times as have we who speak on his. Half that executive privilege is an option on the table. In recent days Nadler and the DOJ have tried to come to an agreement to proceed.”

WELKER: “But the White House is going to — the White House will intervene if they feel some of those documents are protected by privilege, correct?”

CONWAY: “Certainly, if they do. But, let’s go back to the beginning here. We produced 1.4 million pieces of paper as part of the original investigation that lasted 22 months and has cost taxpayer dollars somewhere north of $35 million. They produced 500 witnesses and there was no interference. They got to do their work and special counsel concluded his work and shut down his office and moved on and it would be good for other people move on. It’s not about nothing to hide. We have given all the information as part of the Mueller investigation. We’re not doing the business in a bipartisan fashion of this country. We’re not getting —“

WELKER: “Is impeachment bottom line when you look at all these developments on Capitol Hill. Do you think, does the president think impeachment is more likely?”

CONWAY: “He has not said that. We hardly discuss it. We just can’t believe that there is so much pressure, more pleasure on Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, who has gotten nothing done as the leader over 100 days on the job now. We just can’t believe there is more pressure to get impeachment done than infrastructure.”