McEnany: Why didn't anyone ask Obama's spokesperson about Flynn unmasking?

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tears into the press during a briefing and demands to know why the so-called journalists were not asking former President Barack Obama, or his spokesperson, about the unlawful unmasking if General Michael Flynn.

The press secretary also suggests that if the administration, or anyone in it, of President Donald Trump participated in the same form or level of unmasking as what happened during Obama's tenure, that the media would be all over Trump, unlike how they are with Obama. With the former president, it appears that most media outlets are not seeking definitive answers from him or addressing General Michael Flynn to him very much, if at all.

McEnany provides reporters with several questions of her own, suggested that the reporters/journalists do their job of doing research and seeking answers and information from all angles. She ends it on this note, leaving the reporters reaching into thin air for another chance to speak.


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