Video Evidence Proves AOC Staged Photo Op At Border Facility Fence

Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was seen wearing a wonderful all-white outfit and leaning over crying with her hands covering her face? She was at a border facility and standing in front of a fence. One might have wondered if beyond that fence was a scene that couldn't be shown on the Internet - perhaps migrants in horrible conditions and some sort of wild inhumanity.Not even close.In fact, what you will see in the video is pretty much nothing on the other side of the fence. So she was basically fake crying in front of a fence with just about no one and nothing on the other side of it.Watch the video a few times as you'll see the camera swing right and left, which you can then see there's not much on the other side. And there is certainly no evidence of any of the stories she's been telling about the border facility, that's for sure.Does this make AOC hard to trust?Thanks to Jack Posobiec for sharing the video and pointing out AOC's obvious photo op.


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