Viral Video That Pelosi Wanted Censored Now Has Over 11 Million Views And Counting

Last week, we pointed you to a video that caused Nancy Pelosi and her entire office to have an epic meltdown.

It was a video created by TurningPointUSA that highlights the wonderful and empowering State of the Union stories that Pelosi TORE UP in front of millions of Americans. Nancy tried desperately to get Facebook and Twitter to remove it, but they did not grant her wishes.

What makes this story even sweeter is the fact that her very protest of the video actually brought more attention to it, and now it has over 11.3 MILLION VIEWS just on Twitter alone. That’s not counting the numerous variations that are circling around the internet, as well as the version that can be found here on

Here is the video again. Feel free to watch it again and keep sharing as we try to get the view count to over 20 million:

Here’s the screenshot of the view count as of 2:05pm PST:

On Fox News this morning, Charlie Kirk of TurningPointUSA talked about this issue at length and explained why the video is not deceiving at all:

Benny Johnson from TurningPointUSA celebrated the videos massive success this morning:

“+10 Million views on our @TPUSA video! Before Pelosi led a witch hunt to remove it from the Internet – it was only 4 million. It is well over +30 million across all platforms. Thank you @SpeakerPelosi!” Johnson tweeted.

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Folks, make sure to keep sharing this video far and wide. It’s pissing Pelosi off to no end, and we couldn’t be happier.