“WAKE UP CALL”; Van Jones Hits The Panic Button After Youngkin Victory [WATCH]

On Tuesday evening, far-left commentator Van Jones panicked after he realized just how disconnected his party is from the American people.

After Republican Glenn Youngkin reigned victorious over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, Jones said that this is a “wakeup call” to Democrats.

“I think Biden’s troubles are bigger than this particular issue, and I think that, you know, the Democratic Party, I mean, everybody that I’m talking to tonight, they’re saying this is a big, big wake-up call. I think people took Virginia for granted,” Jones said.

“We took California for granted and people got in there and saved Gavin. And there was an intensity gap. You had Youngkin saying, you know, your rights as a parent are under threat,” he added.


Jones later went on to say that Youngkin is the “delta variant of Trumpism” because it can “spread faster”.

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“When this election is over in Virginia, we will know have we seen the emergence of the Delta variant of Trumpism,” Jones said. “The Delta variant of Trumpism. In other words, Youngkin, same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places. The suburbs, if they fall to him –”

“That is implying that Youngkin is more dangerous than the former president,” Anderson Cooper pushed back.

“Well, more easy to spread, more easy to spread, because if you are looking at what he is doing. He is playing footsie with the worst of Trumpism,” Jones continued.

Watch below:

“He is using all of the Critical Race Theory head fakes and head nods which is a softer version of a very, virulent kind of anti-black posture … this is a big deal, because if this is a pathway to flirt with Trumpism, to flirt with Trump, and still win the suburbs, that is a new development for us,” he concluded.

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