WAPO Calls For Texas Rangers To Change ‘Cruel Racist’ Team Name

Now that Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has surrendered by bending the knee and agreeing to change the NFL team’s name, the cultural revolution mob is moving on to other targets. 

Next on the list is Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers, a team whose nickname is a tribute to the legendary Lone Star State law enforcement agency and a name that the team has had since 1972.

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But according to the Washington Post, the name represents racism and therefore must go as a part of the cultural cleansing that is currently underway in America. 

The call for stripping away the team’s identity comes from the WAPO’s global opinions editor who claims that the namesake was a “cruel, racist force when it came to the nonwhites who inhabited the beautiful and untamed Texas territory,” a bit of revisionist history that will open the door to potentially dozens of other team names. 

Via The Washington Examiner, “‘A cruel, racist force’: Washington Post editor demands Texas Rangers team name ‘must go'”:

An editor at the Washington Post is calling for the Texas Rangers to rename their Major League Baseball team.

“To know the full history of the Texas Rangers is to understand that the team’s name is not so far off from being called the Texas Klansmen,” Karen Attiah, a global opinions editor at the Washington Post, wrote in an op-ed published Monday.

Attiah, who grew up in Dallas, said she was raised on “myths about Texas Rangers as brave and wholesome guardians of the Texas frontier.”

“What we didn’t realize at the time was that the Rangers were a cruel, racist force when it came to the nonwhites who inhabited the beautiful and untamed Texas territory,” she wrote.

The Texas Ranger Division is an agency “within the Texas Department of Public Safety with lead criminal investigative responsibility” over cases such as unsolved crimes and public corruption, according to the state police website.

Attiah noted the first job of the rangers, which was formed in 1835, “was to clear the land of Indian[s] for white settlers.”

“That was just the start,” she said. “The Rangers oppressed black people, helping capture runaway slaves trying to escape to Mexico; in the aftermath of the Civil War, they killed free blacks with impunity.”

In her Washington Post screed, author Karen Attiah writes:

In the early 20th century, Rangers played a key role in some of the worst episodes of racial violence in American history along the Texas-Mexico border. Mexicans were run out of their homes and subject to mass lynchings and shootings. The killings got so out of control that the federal government threatened to intervene.

In his new book, “Cult of Glory: The Bold and Brutal History of the Texas Rangers,” Doug J. Swanson writes, “In service to Anglo civilization’s slow march, they functioned as executioners. Their job was to seize and hold Texas for the white man.”

But Ranger racism is not an artifact of the distant past. Rangers would be called on to protect white supremacy into the 1960s, deployed to prevent school integration. In 1956, when black students were attempting to take classes at all-white Texarkana Junior College, Rangers stood by as the mob attacked them — and threatened to arrest the black students. For their efforts, Swanson writes, they were rewarded with a chicken dinner from the White Citizens’ Council in Texarkana.

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Just as the cancel culture warriors have done with all of the nation’s history to justify their Taliban-like eradication of the past, the author cherry-picks a handful of incidents from the storied history of the agency to whip the mob up into a frenzy. 

The shift to the Rangers is much like how the toppling of Confederate monuments and statues morphed to tearing down those of the founding fathers and Ulysses S. Grant who led the Union to victory in the Civil War to reveal that the real target is American history itself. 

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