WAPO Columnist: It's Racist To Point Out Stacey Abrams' Lack Of Experience

The Washington Post is fully invested in foisting the manifestly unqualified Stacey Abrams as Joe Biden's running mate and if you disagree, you just might be a racist. 

That is the assertion from unhinged columnist Jennifer Rubin, a faux conservative crank who despite her deceptive and divisive rhetoric has not been reigned in by the editorial board of Pravda On The Potomac. 


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In the typical style of the modern Democratic party and the resistance media, Rubin is quick to throw down the race card in order to distract from the brutal truth that there is nothing on Abrams' skimpy resume that would remotely qualify her for the VP job. 

A Vice Presidency that could quickly become a presidency once the senile Biden is either forced to step down or is removed from the head of the chain of command through the use of the 25th Amendment. 

According to Rubin: 

"Abrams has committed the cardinal sin for an African American woman in the eyes of the right: She will not accept the legitimacy of elections won through voter suppression, and she will not be appropriately docile and humble."

The fact of the matter is that Abrams handily lost the Georgia gubernatorial election to Brian Kemp and to his day, refuses to accept the legitimacy of the vote, instead blaming her loss on a sinister racist conspiracy against her. 

Via The WAPO, "Gosh, What Could Be Behind The Right's Hatred Of Stacey Abrams?":

... ridicule bordering on contempt for Abrams is now de rigueur in right-wing circles. Ben Shapiro calls her a “nonentity.” All but calling her “uppity," Kimberly Ross accuses her of feeling “entitled to power” because she campaigns to be vice president. (That tactic might not be wise, as I have noted, but campaigning for the job suggests you know you are not entitled to the job and have to fight for it.) The right-wing Spectator hisses, “Stacey Abrams has no business being vice president.”

Why all the venom? Let’s begin with the assumption that it is perfectly reasonable to argue she is not the best VP choice or that her lack of national experience would weaken the ticket. But the anger, the determination to ignore her accomplishments (she did found a voting rights group, deliver a response to the State of the Union and hold the minority leader position in her state for more than half a decade), the resentment over her insistence on calling out voter suppression as the reason for her loss and feigned offense at her ambition (horrors!) smack of racism. I suggest the tone of these voices — How dare she?! — would be far different if, say, Pete Buttigieg or Beto O’Rourke were promoting themselves for the job.

Abrams has committed the cardinal sin for an African American woman in the eyes of the right: She will not accept the legitimacy of elections won through voter suppression, and she will not be appropriately docile and humble. Unfortunately, I fear that this is just the beginning of the thinly disguised racism that we will see should former vice president Joe Biden select an African American as his running mate.

The neocon Rubin has been on a jihad against President Trump and his supporters who she has repeatedly accused of as being racists and even blamed the 63 million who voted for him as being responsible for coronavirus deaths. 

The outrageous assertion comes after the once-venerable newspaper was savaged over a fawning feature story that compared the morbidly obese demagogue to a runway fashion model.

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The pressure on Biden to pick a black female running mate is intense and Abrams along with her media advocates are mounting a furious push to bully lunchbucket Joe into bypassing even a superstar like Michelle Obama in favor of a dangerous, race-baiting conspiracy monger. 

Rubin is incorrigible and her columns have long since crossed into parody to the point where she is now a cartoon version of herself but the paper still has clout with the out of touch Beltway elite that Biden is a part of. 

Will he bow to the pressure and select Abrams? 

By doing so he would effectively be chaining a 300-lb cinder block around his neck making his shot at legitimately winning the election into mission impossible.