WAPO Columnist Urges Biden To Accuse Trump Of Being Willing To Kill People

The Washington Post long ago lost any semblance of credibility but the once-venerable newspaper has taken its jihad against President Trump to new levels. 

With the WaPo now shifting its coverage into full-blown advocacy for the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, its stable of vicious Trump-hating columnists have plenty of advice for the senile savior. 


One of them is Jennifer Rubin, an unhinged neocon harpy who falsely promotes herself as a conservative despite columns that are chock full of Democrat talking points. 

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According to Rubin, Biden needs to up his game by being willing to accuse Trump of being willing to kill Americans during the coronavirus pandemic if he is serious about winning the presidency. 

Rubin re-tweeted a story from the Post's CovId19 coverage with the following comment:

"If Biden is serious about winning he needs to accuse Trump of willingness to kill people."

Democrats are shifting from simply blaming the POTUS for the ravages of the disease in the U.S. to ghoulish agitprop suggesting that he is responsible for those who died from it. 

It's just another day at the office for Rubin though and only a few weeks ago, she blamed the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump for coronavirus deaths and in what was a statement so outlandish that it borders on parody, claimed that more Republicans than Democrats would perish from the virus. 

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That a WaPo columnist would spew such hateful rhetoric is par for the course but in a time of a historic national crisis, it is abominable, divisive and most importantly, it serves the interests of the Chinese communist regime.

Will the Washington Post fire her? Of course not.