WaPo Reporter Deletes Her Slanderous Kobe Bryant Tweets, But Screenshots Live Forever

Welp, she did it! Felicia Sonmez, who slandered Kobe Bryant just minutes after his death,   cowardly deleted all of her Kobe-related tweets in an attempt to run and hide.

The Washington Post reporter may have deleted her awful and disgusting tweets, but SCREENSHOTS LIVE FOREVER!


(You can email her saying 'hello' at [email protected])

As we reported earlier on TrendingPolitics, Sonmez tweeted out an article of years-old rape ALLEGATIONS against Kobe Bryant. Not convictions, just allegations.

Yes, she did this on a day that Kobe Bryant and his daughter tragically DIED in a helicopter crash. Furthermore, God only knows what their surviving family members are going through at this moment.

This is a great reminder of why NOBODY IN AMERICA can trust the media or take them seriously. These liberal newsrooms are filled with hateful, vile and evil human beings that we must never trust.

Here is her tweet again, which will live on forever in shame:

According to the numbers, she received about more than 10 items NEGATIVE feedback than positive.

She later tweeted out defenses of her tweets, but then she deleted those as well.

Here is just some of the backlash from her slanderous tweet:

Again, if you'd like to reach out to her to say 'hello', her email address is [email protected]

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