Warren Nods In Agreement When Supporter Says U.S. Supports Mass Genocide

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren apparently believes that the country she wants to become the president of supports mass genocide.

During a townhall in Grinnell, Iowa, the Democratic presidential candidate nodded her head in agreement when an audience member asserted the U.S. supports genocide in “Palestine and Yemen.” 


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The attendee stated that the office of the president “has an amazing responsibility to people outside of the United States” and proceeded to accuse the U.S. of supporting genocides abroad.

The man also accused the U.S. military, specifically, of polluting the planet. 

“Right now the United States is bombing at least seven countries. We support genocides in Palestine and in Yemen. The U.S. military is actually the biggest polluter of any organization in the world,” the attendee said. 

He also cited Columbia economist Jeffrey Sachs, who purportedly claimed that U.S. sanctions on socialist Venezuela “caused over 40,000 deaths.” 

“We also have sanctions on many other countries like Iran, North Korea, and you know you can name many more. So I’m wondering, as president, will you stop U.S.-supported murder whether it’s through sanctions, arms support, or boots on the ground?” he asked.

Warren did not object to this despicable assertion nor did she correct the audience member.

Instead, she nodded her head in agreement and even said it was a good question.

“So I like your frame on this,” Warren responded right off the bat. 

Warren claimed that if the U.S. wants to be a “great nation,” it needs to live its values “every single day.” 

That means we “don’t support for example what’s going on in Yemen,” she said. 

She added that “we should not be in combat in the Middle East.” 

“This is not where we should be,” Warren said, adding, “We should not use our military to solve non-military problems.”



Her egregious comments came just days after it was revealed that her socialist Medicare for All plan will cost taxpayers a whopping $52 trillion over the next decade.

Aside from the staggering $52 trillion cost -- which could literally bankrupt the country -- Warren also conceded last week that her plan could result in substantial job losses.

During an appearance last Wednesday on New Hampshire Public Radio, Warren called it “part of the cost issue” when confronted with an estimate that nearly 2 million jobs could be shed. 

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Isn't it amazing how she so easily brushed off the fact that her plan -- which is estimated to cost trillions of dollars -- will eliminate at least 2 million jobs from hard-working Americans.