Was Trump’s Golf Game Really a Secret Meeting?

Eagle-eyed Trump fans have questioned whether the former president’s golf game was really a super-private meeting with his lawyers after he appeared to have no golf clubs in his buggy.

Trump was photographed by a long lens camera yesterday as he drove a golf cart around his course in Sterling, Virginia.

Despite dressing in his usual golf-playing gear including his red MAGA hat, a polo shirt, and a pair of white golf shoes, neither Trump nor his entourage appeared to be carrying any clubs.

His son, Eric, and (what appears to be) former White House lawyer, Ty Cob were among those on the course with the former president. Just a day earlier, Cobb had told CNN that he believed the odds of Trump facing an indictment are “very high”.

Cobb, who was on Trump’s legal team from 2017 to 2018, went on to say that while the raid at Mar-A-Lago did not go in Trump’s favor, he is more concerned about the January 6 Capitol Riot for which Trump was blamed.

The group of men, who drove around the course in 5 golf carts, appeared to be in deep discussion as they cruised side-by-side.

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Another photo shows the group of nine men, including Trump, huddled together in conversation on the green of a hole. They are all casually dressed, in polo shirts and jeans, but no golf clubs or balls are in sight.

Another of Trump’s former attorneys Tweeted that the men had really been engaging in a secret meeting on the course because Trump had felt uncomfortable about meeting in their offices:

“Many are asking me why Mr. Mushroom Putter was at his DC Golf Course (which is really in Virginia)? He says to play golf,” tweeted Michael Cohen.

“My sources say he was meeting with 2 lawyers in secrecy and didn’t trust being at their offices. Notice there are no golf clubs on the cart!!!”

The MAGA president flew into DC on Sunday night wearing his golf clothes including his red hat. He piled into a black SUV at around 6 pm local time.

“It hasn’t exactly been golf weather here,” noted George Conway, the husband of former Trump counselor, Kellyanne Conway as he speculated about the real reason behind Trump’s golf club-less ‘golf game’.

“It’s been arraigning — I mean, raining,” he quipped.

“I have zero indict — I mean, insight — into what’s happening here.”

If Trump is indicted for keeping classified documents at his home in Mar-A-Lago, he will not be able to run for president again.

In February, Trump cooperated with the FBI and handed over 15 boxes containing presidential and classified documents to the National Archives.

Before the FBI raid in August, Trump claimed that he had shown the FBI the boxes he had in his basement and they had advised him to install a heavy-duty lock on the door.

The FBI cut their way through the lock as they ransacked the building. Pictures of the empty folders bearing ‘classified’ stamps were then strewn across Trump’s office floor and photographed.

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