Washington Post Tries To Downplay Covid Cases In Vaccinated Americans By Saying There Is “Too Much Testing”

The CDC’s newly revised mask guidelines have ruffled the feathers of many in the liberal elite who rushed to be vaccinated but now face a future of renewed restrictions and mask mandates in the blue states as COVID cases continue to climb.

Following a month-long media barrage of terrifying tales of the Delta variant, it was only a matter of time until the regime moved strongly to coerce those who have disobeyed to get jabbed.

Once the CDC had spoken and the mask mandates began to be reimposed, for the first time, there was an acknowledgment by the Democrat-controlled media that there was a correlation between the explosion in cases and the overuse of testing that since the onset of the crisis.

It seems that the virtue-signaling liberals are not pleased that they will have to put their masks back on after their obedience and now even the Washington Post is admitting that the overtesting results in “imprecise and inflated case numbers among the vaccinated,” a major disturbance in the force for Democrats.

According to the WaPo:

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“…testing vaccinated people with no symptoms is a bandwagon that cannot seem to be stopped. Employers, entertainment venues, schools, airlines, local governments and even hospitals are adopting universal testing policies regardless of vaccination status. This results in asymptomatic immune people testing positive even though they pose no substantive public health threat. This practice was evident even at the White House’s outdoor Fourth of July party, where each of the more than 1,000 attendees was tested for the coronavirus. We can assume that many of Biden’s staff and friends who attended were vaccinated. So unless they had symptoms (which would preclude them from attending, anyway) this testing was not consistent with CDC guidelines.”

Testing people who have been vaccinated and have no symptoms could extend this pandemic forever. That’s because a PCR test, which still remains the gold standard of testing (over antigen-based testing), can detect just a few virus particles — or even just one. Those small amounts of the virus are not enough to cause transmission, according to studies in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and the Lancet. Indeed, such small amounts of exposure can boost immunity in the vaccinated while causing no ill effects.”

While the WaPo still has a clear agenda with it only being concerned with the “overtesting of the fully vaccinated” and not those who have declined to get “the jab,” it is the first crack in the dam of the overall narrative as the compliant are now finding out that they really aren’t as special as they were led to believe.

The disappointment was expressed by actor and foul-mouthed Twitter influencer Michael Rappaport whose balloon of moral superiority was punctured by Dr. Fauci and the CDC.

But while many liberals may be left feeling betrayed, the masks have been a potent symbol for the party and that was evident when Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly moved to reinstate her mask order on the House floor with the added threat of arrest of violators by the Capitol Police which serve as her Praetorian Guard.

The real test is going to be how the liberal rank and file react when their own children return to classrooms in a few weeks where they will be forcibly masked likely leading to defections in the ranks, a major problem for Biden and Democrats with an election coming up next year.

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