WATCH: Antifa Shows Up To Fight, Police Blast Country Music and Ambush Them

On Monday, left-wing radicals showed up to attack the Seattle Police department however the police seemed to be prepared.

As the rioters stood in a large pack, country music began blasting from the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG). To the anarchists’ surprise, large groups of police officers on bikes then ambushed them from all angles.


The Seattle police then proceeded to plow through Antifa’s barricade as the radical-leftists threw projectiles at the officers.

“Large crowd outside SPOG building on 4th Avenue South. As officers attempted to make arrests, protesters began throwing explosives, rocks and bear spray at officers,” the Seattle Police Department tweeted.

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Here is the aftermath:

The Seattle Police later noted that multiple arrests were made, tweeting, “Officers have made several arrests, and have issued several dispersal orders to crowd.”

They also release a photo of Molotov cocktails that were found:

The situation in Washington continues to get worse. On Friday, Washington State patrol ripped a Black Lives Matter demonstrator out of their car for blocking the NB-15 freeway.

The activists clearly felt emboldened considering they have been able to get away with every crime they’ve committed in the past several months due to the lack of leadership from Democratic lawmakers. Not this time though.

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Every single drive that blocked the freeway got arrested.

One man got ripped out of his car for not listening to the officer.

WATCH the moment before he got ripped out of his car:

“This isn’t Seattle!” the trooper yelled as the man in the car refused to cooperate.

A black woman shouted racist comments at a black trooper: “You’re a house n*****!”

WATCH the moment of the man getting ripped out of the car below:


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