WATCH: Biden Badly Mispronounces The Book Of Psalms Despite Claiming To Be A ‘Devout Catholic’

Joe Biden often tells his audience he is a “devout Catholic”, but that’s becoming even harder to believe after he mispronounced one of the most popular books in the entire Bible.

While giving a “Thanksgiving address”, Biden looked confused while he read from the teleprompter. It was a word he hasn’t said many times in his life, and he was visibly perplexed.

The word was “Psalms”. Any Christian or Catholic knows that the “P” is silent.

However, Biden pronounced it “PALMS“.

Watch below:

Ironically enough, when Trump mispronounced “2 Corinthians” by saying “Two Corinthians”, it was a media scandal.

However, since Joe Biden is a Democrat, they glossed over this.

Can you say, “DOUBLE STANDARD”?