WATCH: Biden Realizes He Forgot His Mask, Then Greets Several People Anyways

While standing in a crowd of people, Joe Biden realized he wasn’t wearing a mask. When he came to this realization, he asked his handlers to get his mask for him.

Biden often lectures Americans about how “dangerous” it is to go without a mask, so it makes sense that he would want a mask while greeting a group of strangers.

Well, after a few seconds of confusion, Biden basically said “Oh well” and decided to greet several people anyways. No mask? No problem! I guess Biden doesn’t take “safety” too seriously…does he?

Watch below:

Biden has never really cared about following his own mask rules.

If you remember, he signed a federal mask mandate shortly after being “Inaugurated” on January 20th. Within hours, he went to the Lincoln memorial maskless with his entire family.

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The word “hypocrite” isn’t strong enough for what Joe Biden is, but sadly that is the man who is occupying the White House.

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