WATCH: Biden REFUSES To Take Questions About Economy After Killing Thousands Of Jobs

If there’s one thing Joe Biden is great at, it’s killing American jobs.

In fact, that was his first order of business upon being installed in the White House on January 20th. With a few strokes of a pen, he put thousands of Americans out of work with a coordinated assault on the oil and pipeline industry.

Even after all of this economic destruction, former Vice President Biden refused to take questions earlier today after giving a short “speech” on the economy.

For someone who vowed to be “transparent”, he is being anything but.

Watch below:

If President Trump had caused financial destruction for thousands of families, he would have been held accountable. The reporters would have shredded him for walking away, yet Biden gets a free pass.

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The rules of the Biden “presidency” are becoming more and more clear as the days go by. He will not be held accountable for anything he does (or doesn’t do) in office.

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