WATCH: Biden Says He Would Force Americans To Wear Masks On All “Interstate Transportation”

On Friday, former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that Americans would be forced to wear their masks on all “interstate transportation” under a Biden Administration.

If elected, he’d “mandate mask wearing in all federal buildings and all interstate transportation.”

“Masks save lives, period… wearing a mask is not a political statement. It’s a scientific imperative,” Biden added.


Conservatives on Twitter were not happy about the announcement.

“Yup – on that long 8-hour interstate drive with the wife or husband in your personal vehicle you will be required to wear a mask the entire time. Then there is Biden’s mandatory vaccine. This guy hasn’t got a clue. He is going to ruin your life. You’ve been warned,” tweeted Roland Baker.

“This isn’t about Covid, this is about control,” said another Twitter user. “Anyone who cannot see this hasn’t done their homework & read real history to see this pattern as well as the current planned agendas that falls right in line with this. In plain sight, we will gag you, for your health of course.”

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