WATCH: Biden Slurs His Words, Threatens to Do ‘Everything in His Power’ to Get Children UNDER 5 Vaccinated

President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Thursday about the currently minor Omicron variant and the actions his administration is taking to fight it.

While discussing what he called “surge response teams,” Biden repeatedly slurred his words, coughed, and generally sounded out of touch with what is going on.

“Since this summer, we worked with Republican and Democratic governors, as many Republican governors as Democratic governors, to deploy what we call surge response teams,” Biden said.

“These teams work, they provide needed staff — for staff overruns — that is badly needed staff where overrun hospitals are handling more patients than they can handle for their emergency rooms and intensive care units. You don’t have a personnel available to help provide lifesaving treatments in communities in need, like monoclonal antibody treatment?” he said. “We have over twenty teams deployed now.”

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“Today I’m announcing that we’re going to triple that, more than double, we’re going to get to 60 teams ready to deploy in states experiencing surge in cases over the course of this winter,” he added. “I was yesterday with the governor in Minnesota who was raving about the positive impact it’s had on his state, but there’s other states the same, the same circumstance.”

“Additionally, we’re increasing the availability of new medications recommended by real doctors, not conspiracy theorists, okay?” he continued. “For example, monoclonal antibody treatments have been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization by up to 70 percent and — for unvaccinated people at risk of developing severe disease. We’ve already distributed over 3 million courses of this treatment to save lives and reduce the strain on hospitals.”

But even more concerning, Biden has said he would do ‘everything in his power’ to ensure children get vaccines for Covid, despite not knowing if they are safe, as well as that they do little to stop the spread of the variants.

The ages of one to four years old have experienced 70 Covid-related deaths over the last twenty months of the pandemic. This is out of a total of 6,649 total deaths in that age group. Furthermore, the CDC says that 95% of those Covid-related deaths were among those with serious comorbidities (typically, multiple comorbidities). Since there are approximately 20 million children in this age group, the estimated survival rate is 99.99965%. If you estimate the survival rate for healthy children, you will nearly break your calculator. It is a 99.99998% survival rate.

Then, to top it all off, Biden joked about who the ‘real’ president is.

“Who’s President? Fauci! But all kidding aside…”

His sense of humor is almost as bad as his cough. He might want to get checked for Omicron, and a quick psych eval wouldn’t hurt, either. There was also his closing remarks at the end of his address.

“Let me close again by saying God bless our doctors, our scientists and all of you here at NIH for what you’re doing for the country and, quite frankly, the world,” he said. “You’re the best, the very, very best. God bless you all. Thank you for your patience in listening to me.”

Someone should inform the president that his dismal approval ratings indicate the American people have lost patience with him and his failed presidency already.

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