WATCH: Candace Owens Makes The Best Case Ever For Pulling Kids Out Of Public Schools

Public school all across the country have abandoned prayer, rejected God, ushered in “transgender story hour”, and glorified terrorist organizations like BLM and ANTIFA.

In response to this madness, Candace Owens says it’s time to get children out of these schools as fast as possible. If not, our youth could be tainted for life with some of the most disgusting, Anti-American ideals that we have ever seen.

During a Sunday morning interview with Maria Bartiromo, Owens was very blunt, saying, “Pull your children out of public schools”

The time is now, remove your children from these indoctrination camps, they’re not learning to be smart, they’re not focused on hard academics, they are being brainwashed and and systematically controlled and what they want to produce, by the way, are failures,” she added.

“Because it guarantees that they’ll have children that will grow up to be adults that are dependent on the government — and a totalitarian government that’s focused on Marxist principles and needs the people who are dependent on them,” she continued.

Watch her must-see rant below:

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Owens went on to re-emphasize that “children are the future,” and that is exactly why tyrannical governments want to control them at every turn.

“You deny them access to your children and they can’t guarantee that they’re going to be able to exist and sustain itself,” Owens added.

“So let me tell you, if that’s them catching a sneeze, America’s about to catch a cold; if France caught a sneeze, we’re going to catch a cold,” she said, claiming that banning homeschooling in the United States would be one way to “go against these Trump supporters, these conservatives,” she concluded.

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