WATCH: CNN Freaks Out Over Voter Turnout In Florida As Election Day Nears

During a segment on Friday on CNN, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota said that Democrats are worried about the Republican voter turnout in Florida, specifically when it comes to Miami-Dade county.

The panel noted how Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade county in 2016 but lost the overall state in 2016. In 2020, it appears that the Democrat’s lead is slipping even worse.

Frederica Wilson, who serves in Florida’s 24th congressional district, told Politico, “I screamed. Hollered. I called. I lobbied from the top to the bottom,” Wilson said as she explained conversations she had with the Biden campaign.

“We’ve got to stop the bleeding,” Democrats Marc Caputo and Matt Dixon said.


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During a separate interview on CNN, Democratic representative from Michigan Debbie Dingell said that the presidential election in her state was “tightening.”

“Yesterday, I had some of the autoworkers, who I thought were going to go back to Joe Biden, were very clear with me…they’re voting for President Trump,” Dingell said as she stuttered.

She later added: “Focus on making sure that we’re talking to White union workers… I don’t believe any of the polls, I don’t think anybody is up tremendously, I think it’s competitive.


The situation in Michigan is clearly tightening and it appears that it could go President Trump’s way.

During a segment on Fox News, host Martha MacCallum hosted a panel of undecided voters on their thoughts about the upcoming election.

One undecided Michigan voter named “Jerry,” blasted former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for not being present on the campaign trail.

“I want to know what he stands for. I want to know what his platform is,” Jerry said. “I want to know what, day to day what he’s doing. I see President Trump out there jumping around to four or five states and we see Joe… well we don’t see Joe. Where’s Joe? That’s what we want to know.”

“If we don’t see him, how do we really know what he is really standing for?” he asked. “The other thing that bothers me is when they do show Joe it’s 30, 40 people. I see our president and there is 4 or 5 thousand. I’m encouraged by that.”

MacCallum then asked Jerry what his thoughts were on who would win his state of Michigan.

“What is your feel on what’s going on there on the ground. As far as you can tell, which way do you think Michigan is leaning?” MacCallum asked.

“Well with my friends and family, I would say we are leaning very heavily to Donald Trump. The people in my industry all want to keep their jobs. They’re afraid of what another shutdown would bring to the state of Michigan. For my boss who worked his hardest to keep us busy, but another shutdown could be devastating to my industry and to the businesses that we support.”

“Interesting,” MacCallum replied. “You were on the fence when we first met but you are planning to vote for Trump now, is that correct?”

“100 percent, Martha,” Jerry replied.


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