WATCH: CNN Hosts Are Shocked By God-Awful New Economic Numbers Under Joe Biden

On Thursday morning, anchors at the left-wing propaganda network CNN were stunned when God-awful new economic numbers were released. The numbers were so bad that even CNN couldn’t sugarcoat it.

“Breaking news! Brand new GDP numbers released just moments ago,” the CNN host said excitedly. “I’ve got no idea what they are, but chief business correspondent Christine Romans does!”

“2%”, Romans muttered.

“OOOOOH”, exclaimed the other left-wing host, realizing that his beloved Joe Biden has failed our country once again.

“That was less than expected,” continued Romans. “And it’s a downshift from the spring when we had a really robust 6% economic growth, and I’m going to tell you why, no surprise here, but the Delta variant was surging”, said Romans, even though Biden said he was going to “crush” the virus.

Then she listed off a bunch of other excuses which hilariously didn’t include the main culprit – Joseph Robinette Biden.

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Fox Business also commented on Biden’s massive new economic failure:

CNBC also shook their head in disappointment:

Here’s more on the economic numbers from Breitbart:

“U.S. economic growth crashed in the third quarter, as the economy grappled with the Delta variant driving a resurgence of Covid-19 infections and supply-chain disruptions.

Gross domestic product—the value of all goods and services produced in the U.S.—grew at an annualized rate of two percent from July through September, after adjusting for inflation and seasonality, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.

The third-quarter GDP growth was initially forecast to be even more robust. As late as June, analysts were forecast growth of seven to better than nine percent. But the surge in virus cases, stronger than expected inflation, and supply bottlenecks dragged the economy down to a much slower pace.”

What is your reaction to Biden’s continued failure? Comment below…

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