WATCH: Crowd ERUPTS With Applause When Trump Exits Vehicle At Mara Lago

President Trump and First Lady Melania have finally arrived back home at Mara Lago in Florida. After 5 years of being viciously slandered by the liberal media on a daily basis, they can finally take some time to themselves and relax a bit.

Upon their arrival, hundreds of patriots gave them a beautiful welcome home. As soon as President Trump stepped out of the car, the crowd erupted with cheers.

Watch below:

As Trump stepped out of the vehicle, he took a moment to walk closer to the crowd and wave, thanking them for showing unwavering support through it all.

While the Trump family seems to be content with where they are now, none of us can completely rule out a 2024 run by the President.

During his farewell speech yesterday, Trump said “The movement we started is just beginning.”

In fact, while exiting the White House earlier this morning, Trump even said “Hopefully its not a long term goodbye”:

Will he or won’t he run during the next election cycle? Only time will tell.

Comment below with your thoughts on a potential Trump 2024 run…

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