WATCH: Dan Bongino UNLEASHES On Geraldo Rivera in Heated Interview, Geraldo Throws Trash At Camera

During a heated Fox News segment on Wednesday, commentator Dan Bongino unleashed on Geraldo Rivera as they were discussing the ongoing violence between Israel and Palestine.

Bongino went off on Rivera, accusing him of sharing “misinformation” about Israel and the United States. The conversation took a turn for the worse after Rivera asked President Joe Biden to “demand a ceasefire” between Israel and Palestine.

“Geraldo, you do this every time,” said Bongino. “This is such garbage and I’m really getting sick of it. You play this emotional game with the audience and use your position of responsibility to put out misinformation.”

“Stop attacking me, punk!” Rivera whined. “Address the issue! Do you have the guts to address the issue and not address — this is not about me! You didn’t come on this show to attack me! You came on this show to talk about the issue! Do you have a point about the issue? I’m sick of you, Bongino! I’m sick of you! You’re a punk! You’re a punk!”

Bongino jumped in, clapping back at Rivera, calling him out for his “outrageous” behavior. “You’re an uncontrolled lunatic,” Bongino blasted after Rivera piece of paper at the camera. “Can you calm down?”

“It’s like they don’t even exist. The Palestinian children are being killed, and they don’t exist,” said Rivera. “I demand a ceasefire! I demand a ceasefire! Ceasefire, now! No American weapons used to kill children! Stop it!”

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