WATCH: Dem Senator Reveals Court-Packing Agenda; ‘4 New Seats To Be Filled By President Biden’

Because they are power-mad zealots and tyrants-in-waiting, Democrats have taken the next step toward perpetuating their power indefinitely — or at least until they force parts of the country to say ‘Adios, we’re not playing this game anymore.’

On Thursday, Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts and a handful of Democratic House members led by Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court to declare they were preparing to destroy the Supreme Court.

The lawmakers unveiled a plan to pack the court (come on, you knew they were going to try it when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refused to answer questions about it during the campaign) because, and get this, bypassing our democratic processes is ‘saving democracy.’

Watch below:

Mass Live adds:

House and Senate Democrats, led by Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, on Thursday unveiled legislation that would expand the number of seats on the Supreme Court in an effort to “restore balance” to the high court after it gained three Republican justices during the Trump administration.

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The legislation would add four seats to the high court, from a total of nine to 13. House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, subcommittee Chair Hank Johnson and Rep. Mondaire Jones joined Markey in unveiling the legislation.

“We are here today because the U.S. Supreme Court is broken, it is out of balance, and it needs to be fixed,” Markey said.

It is? Since when? This is the first nearly all Americans have heard of this, their nation’s highest court being “broken” and “out of balance.” What is Markey talking about?

Well, of course, he’s talking about the fact that Donald Trump nominated and seated three justices during his single term, none of them particularly originalist as they were advertised to be as we discovered when they refused to hear legitimate legal challenges to pre-election changes in state voting laws.

Nonetheless, they’re pretty conservative otherwise and, well, Democrats just can’t have that. Owning Congress and the White House isn’t good enough; they need to own the Judicial Branch as well.

The legislation being proposed would change the language in current federal law which says that the court shall consist of “a Chief Justice of the United States and eight associate justices, any six of whom shall constitute a quorum,” and replace it with “a Chief Justice of the United States and twelve associate justices, any eight of whom shall constitute a quorum.”

Boom: Biden and his handlers get four new justices to add to the three currently on the court and they’ll technically get a 7-6 majority (though Chief Justice John Roberts has been awfully ‘blue,’ not ‘red,’ in recent years).

“There can be no justification for what they did,” said Nadler of the then-GOP-controlled Senate confirming all three of Trump’s nominees, though all they did was fill existing vacancies, not create new ones.

“President (Joe) Biden campaigned on a promise of lowering the temperature and uniting a divided nation,” McConnell said in a statement last week. “If he really meant it, he would stop giving oxygen to a dangerous, antiquated idea and stand up to the partisans hawking it.”

Yes, but Biden doesn’t mean it. Biden doesn’t know what he means these days.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has put the brakes on this legislation, but it’s only for the time being. Once she gets infrastructure spending rammed through and the other Democrat-majority-in-perpetuity bill, the “For the People Act,” which will federalize all elections, she will allow a court-packing bill to come to the floor.

It’s getting time for red states to dust off that Declaration of Independence because they’ll need it after Dems make their representation in Congress meaningless.