WATCH: DeSantis Once Again Claims Victory Over Covid, Liberal Meltdown Imminent

If not for the state of Florida, it is almost certain that the entire U.S. would still be suffering under the punishing lockdowns that were imposed by power-mad Democrats and championed by “heath experts” including Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Ron DeSantis for his courageous leadership in managing the unprecedented health crisis without destroying lives and trampling on civil liberties. The Sunshine State governor is hands down the gold standard for state officials.

Despite an early and vicious smear campaign by the dastardly media, DeSantis stuck to his guns and when all was said and done, he vastly outperformed Democrat governors like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom who were treated like conquering heroes but in reality, mismanaged COVID, leading to countless unnecessary deaths in their own states.

Now that his national profile is growing, DeSantis is getting the credit that he deserves, and during an appearance on Fox’s Life, Liberty & Levin,” he pointed out the obvious, that if not for Florida, the nation would resemble a fascist dictatorship like the one north of the border in Canada.

Watch below:

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Governor DeSantis told host Mark Levin; “You just have so many threats to freedom nowadays, and what we’re doing is we’ve essentially Katy, barred the door to protect Floridians and to protect their freedoms and opportunities;” he said. “And you see it in a number of different ways. Obviously, we were the leading state fighting against coronavirus lockdowns. We had kids in school, in person, for the entire school year.”

DeSantis continued; “I believe had Florida not done that, you would not see the other states to have followed; Canada, for example, still locked down. And I think that’s what a lot of these bureaucrats wanted to see in the United States, and we made sure that we led in a different direction.” He said.

He added; “You also look at things going against the Biden administration’s policies. They shut down our cruise industry, with the CDC. They didn’t have authority to do that. All these experts said, ‘Oh, you just have to do whatever the CDC says.” DeSantis said, “We sued the CDC in Florida, and we won in federal district court. And now the cruise lines are going to be able to resume sailing this summer.”

Once a free country, Canada has been radically transformed by far-left globalist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in ways that Barack Obama could only dream of.

Not only are lockdowns the new normal, but there is a chilling campaign of state-sponsored religious persecution that has seen Christian pastors hunted down by heavily armed government goons and hauled off for defying the diktats of authorities by holding worship services.

Trudeau has also advanced the outlawing of free speech; most recently by criminalizing online “hate speech” which as anyone who has observed Facebook and Twitter understands is always vaguely defined so as to allow authoritarian censors to punish anyone whose political views run contrary to the ruling elite.

DeSantis will once again be tested now that those who hate us for our freedoms are clamoring for renewed lockdowns and forced masking by whipping up hysteria over the mysterious “Delta variant”.

This “variant” provides dictatorial Democrats led by Joe Biden a renewed opportunity to put Americans – especially those in red states – under the boot.

The governor remains a strong contender for a 2024 White House bid if former President Donald J. Trump decides against running again.

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