WATCH: Emboldened ANTIFA Celebrates Joe Biden’s Presidency By Burning Flags And Smashing Windows

Hours after the swearing in of Joseph R. Biden as the nation’s 46th President in a heavily militarized swamp district, a peculiar “celebration” broke out on the west coast.

The violent rioters that the media does not accuse of domestic terrorism are back and on the first day of Joe’s presidency.

Yes, Joe calls Antifa just an “idea”, yet they ran amok in Portland and Seattle and burned American flags like it was a sport.

Look below:

These criminals who have acted as a paramilitary arm of the Democratic party went off script and smashed windows, destroyed property, and menaced residents by shouting and shining lights in their windows, emboldened by the knowledge that the Biden-Harris regime won’t lift a finger to reign them in.

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According to Spokane NBC affiliate KHQ-6:

The Seattle Police report that they have made multiple arrests in relation to the protests. Although the protest hasn’t officially been claimed by a specific group or organization, the crowd can be heard at one point in a video chanting expletives aimed at both Trump and Biden.
There have also been photos and videos posted on Twitter of damage to other buildings, including a group burning the American Flag and damage to the original Starbucks shop in downtown.
These protests come alongside other protests showing up across the country, including a similar protest in Portland Oregon.

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Down the coast in Portland, mayhem continued to rage as it has for the better part of the last year with domestic terrorists clashing with police and vandalizing the local Democrtic party headquarters.


On the first day of Biden’s occupation of the White House, things are already spinning out of control and now that there is no chance of an administration that is chock full of those who view the police with contempt, the violence could quickly spread to other cities.

Unity at its finest.

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