WATCH: Fauci Moves The Goal Posts AGAIN; “We Don’t Know How Long The Booster Effect Is Going To Last”

Despite Dr. Fauci saying that the vaccines were going to “end” the pandemic. He is now saying everyone needs boosters. Furthermore, he says he “doesn’t know” how long boosters will be effective for.

In other words, Fauci is going to want you to take a booster shot every 6 months for the rest of your life.

“Now that you’re encouraging all adults to get boosters, what’s your definition of fully vaccinated?,” asked Steve Berman of CNN.

“You know, right now officially, John, the definition of fully vaccinated is still two doses of the Moderna of Pfizer and one dose of J&J. That’s the requirement when people talk about what is required for this or for that. But that does not actually contradict the fact that was saying, as vaccine efficacy wanes, you need to get that booster to bring you right up, we will evaluate as we get more data, we don’t know now how long the booster effect is going to last,” Fauci shockingly admitted.

“If it lasts for a considerably longer period of time, namely, the durability of the booster, allows you to go for a considerable period of time without getting another boost, then that very well might be determined to be the full vaccination that we talked about,” he added.

Watch below:

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“If it turns out that it wanes again, and you may need an intermittent shot, the way we do with influenza, then fully vaccinated will still be the original vaccination, but you may need to update it and upgraded over the years. I hope it’s the former John, I hope that what we get is a maturation of the immune response that goes well beyond the six months where we’re starting to see the waning now. That’s my hope that we see that. But we’ll just have to go with the data, not what we hope for. We’ll look at the data. And we’ll make a determination based on the data,” he concluded.

Fauci just opened up the door yet again to a lifetime of booster shots. Brace for impact.

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