WATCH: Fauci Says You Can Only Enjoy The Holidays If You’re Fully Vaccinated

Dr. Fauci is giving Americans “permission” to enjoy the holidays, but only if they’re vaccinated. Fauci believes that your medical choices should determine your freedom, but only when it comes to the Covid vaccine.

Fauci made his shocking new remarks while being interviewed by far-left anchor Martha Raddatz on ABC.

“Dr. Fauci, we know the best way to keep safe is to be vaccinated. What are your guidelines for the upcoming holidays. Will you be giving out halloween candy? What do we do with Thanksgiving and Christmas and other holidays holidays?”, asked Raddatz.

“Martha, I believe if you are vaccinated and you’re vaccinated and young children that are not eligible, you can enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy trick or treating or Thanksgiving and Christmas with your families. That’s one of the reasons we emphasize why it’s so important to get vaccinated, not only for your own safety but for your family but also for the good of your community to keep the level of infection down. When you do that, there is no reason at all why you can’t enjoy the holidays in a family way we traditionally done it all along,” said the left-wing doctor.

Watch below:

In response, Twitter users blistered the celebrity doctor:

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