WATCH: Florida Sheriff To Incoming Residents Fleeing Blue States; ‘Welcome To Florida, But Don’t Vote Stupid.”

For any American who values liberty, freedom, patriotism, and ‘America First,’ if you’re currently living in a blue-state or blue-city hell and are seeking to escape, there are a number of ‘free states’ where you can go to live a better life.

Missouri is good. Texas is good. The Dakotas would work. Oklahoma and Kansas and Tennessee and Kentucky are options. So, too, is Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, and Idaho.

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But wait — what if you’re an American who values liberty, freedom, patriotism, and ‘America First,’ and who also wants really good weather for the majority of the year? Yes, there’s an option for those folks, too: Florida.

Thanks to the Republicans who run that state, Florida has become a beacon of industry, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That didn’t come easy and it is a constant battle to keep the state that way. Which brings me to a particular Florida law enforcement leader who had something to say about that very subject this week.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is obviously a man dedicated to enforcing the law, but he’s also a friend and ally of individual freedom. He is aware that “millions” of people are moving to or have moved to his state in recent months and years to escape the blue hellholes run by Democrats.

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But he has some advice for those who are moving in: Don’t go voting for the same stupidity you left.

“I’ve got something to I want you to see,” Judd said during a news conference on Sunday as he held up a collage of photos showing life in Florida. “This is what we enjoy in Florida. This is the Florida we know and love.”

He went on to list a number of people — Gov. Ron DeSantis, state legislative Republicans, along with police and former President Donald Trump — who work tirelessly to ensure that anyone in Florida, residents and new arrivals alike, can have that kind of fun.

“We’re a special place. And there are millions and millions of people who like to come here. And quite frankly, we like to have ’em here,” Judd continued. “So, we only want to share one thing as you move in, hundreds a day.

“Welcome to Florida. But don’t register to vote and vote the stupid way you did up north or you’ll get what they got!” Judd declared to applause at the podium and a grin from DeSantis.

“There’s a reason why this place is fun. There’s a reason why we have a 49-year low crime rate,” he added. “And the same people who don’t think we should have a…rioting bill are the same ones that think we oughta let more people out of prison. And where they’re doing that, as the governor and our speakers have alluded to, crime goes up,” said Judd.

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“But it’s not just crime that goes up, victimization goes up. The people in those states are hurt, and are killed, and their livelihoods changed, and their children are changed,” Judd added.

The one good thing about success in terms of an economy and personal liberty is that it attracts Americans; the one bad thing is that it often attracts Americans who bring with them the lunatic leftism they voted for and are trying to escape, as Judd notes.

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