WATCH: Frank Luntz Looks Visibly Disturbed When His Focus Group Proves People Still LOVE Trump

Far-left political pollster Frank Luntz had his day ruined when he was forced to tell Fox News about the results from his latest focus group.

While Luntz was hoping that Trump supporters had jumped ship, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, Luntz’s focus group found that more than 91% of Trump’s supporters would vote for him again (we think that number is much higher). In addition, Luntz said that 78% of Trump voters believe that the election was stolen (as they should).

“91% of those who voted for Donald Trump on Election Day would vote for him again. This is a poll that was done on Monday, just 48 hours ago,” Luntz began with a depressed look on his face. 

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“And it’s astounding. And only 5% would switch their votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. And I’ve got two more numbers for you. 67% believe that if the votes were counted accurately and fairly, Donald Trump would have won. And the most staggering of all, 78% believed that the election was rigged and stolen. So you’ve got a large segment of the American people who do not trust our electoral process,” he concluded.

Watch his glum admission below:

Sorry Frank, the American people still stand strong with President Trump because we don’t trust a damn word that the liberal media says.

What is your reaction to Luntz eating crow? Comment below….

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