WATCH: George Conway Turns Into Bumbling Mess After Getting Called Out For His Connections To A Pedophile

Over the weekend, Anti-Trump Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver was exposed for grooming young men and sending them sexually explicit messages.

On Monday, his fellow co-founder George Conway tried to distance himself from Weaver. Conway denies “close” connections with Weaver, but they both co-founded the Lincoln Project and have even penned op-eds together.

During a Monday appearance on Morning Joe, Conway called the situation “terrible and awful and appalling and unfathomable.”

“I didn’t know John very well,” he claimed. “Frankly, I only spoke to him a couple of times on the phone early on in the Lincoln Project.”

“I just, it’s almost — I don’t even know what to say,” he continued speechless.

Watch the pathetic lies he spews below via MSNBC:

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Breitbart points out that the two men were so close that they cooperated with one another on an OP-ED:

“In late 2019, Conway strongly promoted an op-ed penned by himself, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and John Weaver, the last of whom faces accusations of sending provocative messages to young men. One of the accusers said he began receiving the messages as an adolescent.

The introductory op-ed served as an explainer on why they decided to start the Lincoln Project, citing the “corruption and corrosive nature of Donald Trump” and describing the super PAC as a joint effort to “highlight our country’s story and values, and its people’s sacrifices and obligations.”

“Over these next 11 months, our efforts will be dedicated to defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line,” Conway wrote alongside Weaver and other co-founders.”

The embattled Lincoln Project released a statement Sunday, striking the same tone Conway displayed Monday — one of disappointment and shock over the allegations against Weaver.

“John Weaver led a secret life that was built on a foundation of deception at every level. He is a predator, a liar, and an abuser. We extend our deepest sympathies to those who were targeted by his deplorable and predatory behavior,” the Lincoln Project said in the statement, adding that the “totality of his deceptions are beyond anything that any of us could have imagined and we are absolutely shocked and sickened by it.”

“Like so many, we have been betrayed and deceived by John Weaver. We are grateful beyond words that at no time was John Weaver in the physical presence of any member of The Lincoln Project,” it added.

Twitter users immediately called it out for being a huge lie just due to the basic facts of the situation:

Why do you think so many Anti-Trumpers seem to always get caught up in the most disgusting pedophile operations? Comment below…

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