WATCH: Giuliani Torches Liberal Media For Condoning Harassment Of Republican Election Officials

When Republicans were threatened by Democrat election officials on Tuesday night for refusing to certify the Michigan election results, the liberal media showered the Democrats with praise.

Although the Republican officials were doxed, threatened and harassed, the “blue checkmarks” and everyone on the left shared their adulation for what those people had done.

In response, Rudy Giuliani eviscerated the media for cheering on this sort of behavior.

Watch below:

While telling the media about the countless affidavits that they have in their possession, Rudy blistered them.

“I have a hundred more of these. But I can’t show them to you, because these people don’t want to be harassed. They don’t want to have their lives torn apart by the goons on the other side. We don’t do that to them. They’ve done that to a lot of our people. They’ve done it for 4 years. And it’s outrateous that it’s tolerated. And it’s tolerated because YOU condone it in the press. And you don’t cover it. And you don’t condemn it,” Rudy said.

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