WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Blisters Cuomo In Must-See Rant; “He Hid The Body Count For Money”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may be fending off multiple sexual harassment allegations while the media is distracted, but he still has a very real problem on his hands when it comes to his nursing home scandal.

While Cuomo may be a boorish and crude womanizer who abused his power with female subordinates, his policies were responsible for the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents who were killed by the Albany strongman’s orders to send COVID-infected patients into the vulnerable environments.

The corrupt mainstream media may be eager to give Cuomo a pass on what should be a major criminal scandal, but Greg Gutfield isn’t. Earlier this week, the Fox News host took a flamethrower to Cuomo.

The fireworks were set off during the panel discussion on “The Five” after a bombshell New York Times report that aides to the governor doctored a report by state health officials to conceal the true number of nursing home deaths, another nail in Cuomo’s political coffin.


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In a segment so hot that it could burn the paint off of the walls in the New York governor’s mansion, the hosts hammered Cuomo, especially over his book American Crisis which bore the laughable subtitle of “Leadership lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic” that was written while he was killing senior citizens with his failed policies.

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According to the Daily Caller:

Dagen McDowell referred to Cuomo as a “steaming dirtbag” while cohosts Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters voiced similar opinions.

“It’s amazing that the cover-up was all about this book,” Gutfeld began. “It’s like they didn’t want the dead to interfere with his successful book launch. Like imagine in May 1912, we are doing a book on the captain of the Titanic but don’t mention the incident with the iceberg, it will make him really unhappy.”

Gutfeld went on to argue that Cuomo, in addition to apologizing to the women he allegedly harassed, should apologize for the thousands who had died in New York nursing homes.

“He should be apologizing for that too, but it’s like apologizing for using foul language while mugging senior citizens,” Gutfeld continued.

The panel’s proud liberal Juan Williams kept trying to shift the conversation to an attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but the conservative members were having none of it.

Williams jumped in, saying Cuomo had been receiving his fair share of criticism— for both the sexual misconduct allegations and the nursing home deaths—from more liberal outlets like the New York Times. He then turned the topic to DeSantis, saying the Florida governor had been accused of giving early vaccine access to wealthy donors.

“Can we stay on Cuomo? Can we stay on Cuomo?” McDowell pushed back.

Watters weighed in, calling Cuomo’s apology “too little too late” and saying, “Juan, leave DeSantis out of this. Cuomo signed a death warrant for these nursing homes and then doctored the evidence for profit, for a $700,000 book advance.”

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“He did this for money,” Watters continued. “He hid the body count for money, then wrote a book about how he aced the pandemic. That is like O.J. writing a book on the #metoo movement. No, Juice, you’re not the guy.”

Turning the topic back to Cuomo’s crude efforts to hit on women, Watters mocked him as a “sexual Frankenstein,” much to the dismay of Williams who was badly outnumbered.

What has gone largely unmentioned is that Cuomo isn’t the only Democrat governor with a dead people in nursing homes problem, Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, New Jersey’s Phil Murphy, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan all implemented similar policies in what would be a major scandal in a country with an honest media.

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