WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Goes SCORCHED EARTH After Dems Call For “Unity” After 4 Years Of Smears

If Wednesdays episode of “The Five” was any indication, Greg Gutfeld isn’t buying Joe Biden’s phony call for “unity” anytime soon.

During a heated monologue, Gutfeld called out the entire Democrat party for suddenly wanting to “come together” after 4 years of vicious hate and slander from their side. He also blasted them for the double standard of what’s “acceptable” now that they are in control of the power.

“I did watch the Inauguration because I couldn’t resist, because oddly enough, resistance is no longer acceptable or approved,” Gutfeld began.

“Now that they won, it’s all about ‘unity’ and we all must join the ranks of rampant butt-kissers. I don’t know about you, but I‘m going to go out on a limb. I think the media coverage today feels slightly friendlier than the one 4 years ago, but maybe that’s just my bias,” he continued.

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“I wonder if people at home noticed how vomitous this has become especially because – okay – I am 100% for a call for unity. I wrote a book on it. I believe there should be a call for unity until you consider the source. A party and a candidate who pushed smears that ginned up racial division and other kinds of divisions towards half a population. The Dems manufactured the divide. they seasoned it and watered it and that culminated in a year of violence on both sides. So there you go, equality. So the Dems are great at creating a problem and then saying that they have the solution. This is called extortion. But a call for unity from Joe is like a child calling for glue after smashing a lamp,” he added.

Watch his epic monologue below:

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Then, Gutfeld rounds out his monologue by perfectly describing what Trump did to shatter the mainstream media mold.

“So before we can heal this divide, we have to look at it’s roots. Where did it come from? And the fact is that the ‘us vs them’ has always been there. But its been one way only. It was the media elites attacking us and there was no attack response. The media had no qualms demonizing Clarence Thomas, Bush, Mitt, McCain, pro lifers, the NRA. They had no qualms mocking the south, the midwest, the flyover rubes, the religious who ‘cling to their guns and their bibles’. The reason there was no polarization narrative is because there was only 1 pole, and then Trump came in and got us to confront them and that is why he’s been shoved into the wilderness by the people so relieved that they have one of them back in. So the narrative of this national rift comes from the press to shift the blame off them while preserving their profits which comes from people ripping each other apart,” he concluded.

I think it’s safe to say Gutfeld hit it out of the park. 10 out of 10.

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President Trump was the first man to stand up to the liberal media, and that’s why they were so desperate to get rid of him.

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