WATCH: Greg Gutfeld HILARIOUSLY Sums Up Biden’s Embarassing G7 Trip

Joe Biden has now completed his European trip, and while you will never hear it from the domestic mainstream media, the rest of the world is laughing at America.

Biden’s journey across the pond kicked off with the G7 conference, an annual gathering of the European elite along with Japan where he fumbled, stumbled, and bumbled his way through the event. Despite multiple embarrassing moments, the media and fellow leaders sang his praises.

However, one American media figure isn’t glossing over Biden’s disastrous performance, and that is Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. On Wednesday, he dropped an anvil on lunchbucket Joe during the most recent edition of “The Five,” comparing dear leader with the cartoon figure Mr. Magoo.

According to Gutfeld; “Biden can bumble through this thing with these long, frightening pauses and we all just sit there quietly and go, holy hell, what’s going on?” He said; “That pause went on forever and meanwhile God forbid Trump held his glass of water with two hands or shuffled down a ramp, that slippery ramp, and everybody went ballistic but Biden acted like Mr. Magoo on magic mushrooms and we all had to say, ‘You know, nothing to see here.’”

He added; “Look, here’s the problem, the problem with President Biden is you don’t know where he’s coming from and you don’t know where he’s going, much like himself, and with the contrast is you always knew where Donald Trump was coming from”

Watch below:

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Biden’s trip was truly a disaster of epic proportions.

What could have been more excruciating than when he mixed up Syria with Libya, a country that was destabilized in a catastrophic blunder with bloody consequences back when he was Barack Obama’s vice president?

Or when he was laughed at by his fellow leaders after he introduced South Africa’s president moments after Boris Johnson had already done so.

Gutfeld’s comparison came before the massively hyped “showdown” between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and as many had predicted, it was a roaring dumpster fire.

Before the sit-down meeting even started, Biden’s handlers were in full damage control mode after the geriatric 46th president responded to a question on whether he trusted the widely demonized Putin by nodding yes.

Then he was busted for bringing his “flashcards” to the meeting where he would be deprived of his essentially needed teleprompter.

By the time that the meeting had ended, it was clear that Biden had soiled the bed despite the tough-guy image that the media had presented for the last week and that was made even more apparent when Putin emerged for his press conference which he handled masterfully.

Putin not only yanked the rug out on a U.S. reporter who asked a question about human rights abuses in Russia by invoking the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement, but also pointed out that the Biden regime is holding the Capitol protesters in abominable conditions as its political prisoners.

As for Biden, his frustrations boiled over when he went off on CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, a return of the easily aggravated grumpy old man that often emerged on the campaign trail where he battled with voters who asked questions that he did not like.

Biden would later apologize to Collins for his outburst but the damage was done and there isn’t enough lipstick to put on this pig; the European trip was a hot mess that has severely diminished America on the world stage.

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