WATCH: Crowd Member Calls Trump ‘Handsome’ During Melania Speech, She Hilariously Responds

On Tuesday, First Lady Melania Trump held her first solo rally in Atglen, Pennsylvania. The event was well attended and brought in way more people than any Biden rally ever has.

During her speech, the First Lady praised her husband and told the Pennsylvanian people why they should vote for President Donald Trump. The first lady got heckled at one point during the rally and gave a hilarious response.

“Before my husband decided to run for president, the media loved him because they saw the man that I see everyday,” Melania Trump said. “Someone tough, successful and fair…”

The first lady was then interrupted by a woman in the crowd who yelled, “and handsome!”

The crowd erupted in laughter along with the first lady who then said, “I agree!”


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